@Gina No, especially since I have no hope of getting off the bloody thing :/

@sotolf I did some years ago.

Missed some so very interesting chatter in the local parents group but that's it.

So good that most of my contacts do care about the Privacy Policy too - even my own parents :-)


@bekopharm @Gina Yeah, had I lived at home in my own country where I could just go and visit people I'd do it without thinking about it, as it is I'm far off from being able to easily do it sadly.

@sotolf @bekopharm @Gina I have same problem! my plan is to prepare a short but effective message to use as standard answer to everyone for a couple of week, something like: "I will delete my WhatsApp account because... use signal instead ..."
I hope it will work!


@cicciodev @bekopharm @Gina good luck, I'm not currently in a position where I'd do that.

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