Seriously we should focus more on encouraging people when it comes to foss, rather than talking about how they aren't doing enough, don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

@sotolf A big problem IMO is how unaware most people are about privacy, and how privacy-activists like to tackle a lot of things at once. For someone who uses lots of social media, for example, dropping one might be doable, getting used to it, then dropping another, etc. but they're often just told to stop using all of it. And instead of setting it as a goal to work towards, they just see it as a requirement, get discouraged and leave before even starting.

@cirno exactly, encouraging small steps usually is way less jarring, I use arch, a tiling window manager and Terminals for 90 % of my computing, but if a friend of mine is installing Ubuntu or mint or something I'll congratulate and encourage them because they already did a gigantic step :) each move in the right direction is benefitting us all, while a discouraged person is bad for both sides.

@sotolf FOSS is hard. It takes so much effort to maintain projects with no pay and hardly little short-term pay-off. I spent three years working on chatbot modules and work kept piling up. Then when I took a break, people were on my case about my absence.

@x51 yeah, that's understandable too, I'm not talking about developers mostly, but about advocates, developers already give so much to the community, and mostly as a developer you're not telling people they should use your project or else they aren't "good enough" :) maintaining a floss project is often hard and thankless work, and it's understandable that one some times just gets too much, empathy is something we should have more of :)

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