My very basic pager can now show the contents of a file, and scroll up and down, yay, I'm so proud of myself :)

the repository is here if anyone wants to read bad noobish rust code.

@sotolf I don't rely know rust but the code didn't seem bad to me. One note though, you probably want to have a maximum value for scroll so you don't scroll well past the last line of the file. Probably something like numLinesInFile + terminalHeight / 2.

@splatt9990 thank you :) yeah I'm planning to, I was thinking about doing more with the file to to se if I manage to implement search or something, but I'm not sure how to do that yet, there are loads of other things as well that needs to be done, but at least it does something, heh this took me almost 3 hours, mostly to understand the basics about tui-rs, but it's a really cool library :)

@sotolf that's cool bruh, contrast to me you're doing stuff whilst i am on some type of depression, laziness. proud of people who do stuff

@moragame well, that's a small part of my life, for most of the time I'm pretty useless as well ;)

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