I'll post it today because I tend to forget doing it on sundays :p

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My new tech book talks about how Google Chrome handles certain security features and particular data it promises to validate.

My editor read it and said, "OMG, my company is ripping Chrome out of everywhere RIGHT FREAKING NOW." She stopped editing to have her people do it.

And then this.

Chrome is bad, y'all.

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Maybe it's the lockdown or my Friday night glass of wine, but I ROFL'ed a bit too hard on this :blobcatgoogly2:

Sadly this hits way too close to home, I'm doing my best to slowly document things in our wiki though.

since I'm in a meme-y mood today :p I love the German language :)

It's for comments like this I still really enjoy reddit, don't judge me :p

For some reason I have become the resident powershell wizard at work, wrote a startup script to change and lock the windows "lockscreen" to a company one for "windows 10 pro" since the group policy only works for the "Enterprise" version for some godforsaken reason. This would be so much easier on linux :p

It's not pretty, it tries 2 different proposed methods that I found and it seem to work on all the pc where we've tested it so far :)



Slowly increasing the lengths of my sits, back up to 15 minute sits now, probably going to build up to 30 min daily sits, and then longer ones in the weekends, or at least that's the plan :)

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Remember, a few hour of trial and error can save you several minutes of looking at the README.

It's funny how starting work an hour later and ending an hour later nets me way less free time, I don't like it much, The one hour less time in the evening makes me not really able to program in the evening which is kind of sad.

wohoo, it works! it's really ugly and probably will break some time, but at least for now it works ;)

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all because they want a quick "temporary" fix, like always.

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Reading up on cifs mounts again, since jasper is stupid and for some stupid reason doesn't want to support file:///// links, so now I have to locally mount it to the server and symlink this stupid file into the /var/www folder since I don't trust people here to manually upload a file every time they do a change in it.

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Now I remember that I really enjoy the sector general series, it has aged so well doesn't really feel it's age, and it's just nice how they work together and are likeable, even when they are completely alien to eachother, literally :) really a series that is worth it if you like good sci-fi:)

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@sotolf XY problem sounds like a radical feminist term for men

I love how many people around me seems to treat logic:

the sun does not wear a hat.
fish do not wear hats.
the sun is a fish.

It checks out :)

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Today I learned about the XY-Problem, it's always nice to have a name to put on those things you see all the time :)


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