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day 2 without coffee:

I don't know if the tea is delivering my caffeine fix or what, but I feel just fine

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@troetschubser vorhin in der Voliere kamen einige.

Augsburg 0163 3126275
Berlin 0178 5235838
Düsseldorf 01578 3505152
Frankfurt am Main 069 431414
Hamburg 0151 65683368
Hannover 0800 0848488
Köln 0176 24071312
München 089 200045930
Stuttgart 0711 21954776

I need to stop with the coffee, it doesn't even keep me awake anymore

There are so many bots on Team fortress 2 that I feel like every match is a mvm match

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Remember videos rarely got over 10 views on #LBRY and most videos didn't even have any at all. Those days are no more, this platform now has an actual userbase and most of my content gets over 600 views, with a few brushing 1000. Get in while it's still early #Odysee

Hang on, you have to PAY to encrypt your home partition on Windows???

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Can't decide on a variable and function convention for . What's your favorite?

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Violin learning, vegan 

I want to start a small threat about my experience about learning violin and trying to be consistent with veganism, as maybe is useful to others wondering or thinking about doing it

Just had a conversation about internet Privacy and security with one of my best friends (she is a total technology noob) and convinced her to change her awful password she used for everything fo years now, and introduces her to Bitwarde, it#s a start!!

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So basically yes; that's what a micro #Homelab looks like and where this instance and other privacy oriented and decentralized services are hosted awaiting the new server to shows up; and then it's gonna be peak performance again. Ain't much but that do the work! #selfhosting #sysadmin #mastoadmin

Gnome should rebrand itself and change the pronunciation to GEnome, the new logo would be a DNA strand

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Make a folder on your computer or an album on your phone and save images there that make you smile.

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So I have a usb thumb drive that carry arround with me, I just woke um in panic from a dream where some random dude was copying very sensitive information (passport details, id, etc) from the thumb drive while I left the room. Let's just say I'm encrypting it right now

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Here is the instructions to setup your own Mastodon instance. I set it up in single user mode. You can setup in other modes too. Eg. Caravan can hive it to all its journos.

The baseline is you are no longer at the mercy at a platform. You own your infra

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@kqzx reminded me of some fun open source reimagenings of games that I used to play, so I wrote a bit about 3 open source games that are nostalgic and fun for me :)

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