Thinking about distro hopping again..... next target is openSUSE

Is Distrohopping a Dangerous Addiction in your opinion?

@sotneStatue it will be the last hop you ever make. Tumbleweed has been my home for many years now. It "just works", which I guess some people may find boring.

What DE are you going for (hint: KDE is always the right answer 😉)?

@gray hahaha thats what they said when I switched to Arch. I like the Just Works part, what atracted me to Tumbleweed is the btrfs nad snpashots by default.

@gray Im a gnome guy, but was thinking about giving KDE a try, as it is completely alien to me

@sotneStatue the ability to customise as little or as much as you like is really nice. The downside is that so many applications look better in gnome.

As for the snapshots, I won't lie, it has some real moments where it won't tidy up after itself and you have to have a manual clear out every now and then before it eats your disk. Rare occurrence.

Other than that, being a lizard is pretty easy going!

@gray Sometimes the minimal configuration options on gnome get on my nerves, but I appreciate not being overwhelmed by hundreds of menus

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