One of the most hotly-requested features for elementary OS is proper multi-touch gestures, and we hear you. Learn about the work going into elementary OS 6, our swipiest OS release ever.️

My life 

Oh dear, I've been away for a while.
Last week was just the worst: had 100 assignments from uni and I couldn't do any of them properly, my girlfriend broke up with me, we got back together but no sure for how long, slept almost nothing, had to wake up early every day. This week I have to get my shit back together

Not all websites need Javascript to be beautiful and usable. This is a showcase of the Javascript-less web.

some utility to configure 60% layout keyboard for linux?

Does anyone know how to download ALL fotos from Google Fotos? It's probably not even possible

Kindle nerds!

Do you have any tips or tricks on how to make reading old scanned books in PDF on Paperwhite/Oasis better?


As of now there are 2 functionalities implemented:

Emails tagged with a certain label get deleted after a month (mainly for all those notifications on my inbox)

Automatically downloading invoices from my isp and scheduling the deletion of the email with the system mentioned above

Does someone have any other idea for automation?

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Shout "Poisson!" three times in front of the mirror and there is a probability that he will haunt you

Is Distrohopping a Dangerous Addiction in your opinion?

After the Five Eyes, the EU Council is now trying to backdoor encryption in messaging apps. We will keep fighting for your right to privacy. 💪 Here is why:
It's good that the MIT uses the same arguments:
(comic v/Stuart Carlson)

Thinking about distro hopping again..... next target is openSUSE

Need help!

I just installed Ubuntu 20.04 LTS on my Windows laptop.

Processor: Intel® Core™ i5-10210U CPU @ 1.60GHz × 8
Memory: 15GB
Capacity: 512GB

Problem is, even when it's OFF, it still gets hot and drains battery.

I even tried "sudo poweroff -f" to make sure it's definitely turned OFF

Any advise, pls?

I've seen a lot of toots here about Apple's Big Sur update. Good for them, I thought. But when I visited a Swedish news site that writes about tech, cars, games, privacy, and more, I discovered a hidden area inside Big Sur... a dark hidden area.

In short, Big Sur sends a log of every app you start, when you started it, and from what location in the world (based on the IP address) - all unencrypted!! 🤢

This was the source of that article:

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