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Oh, you want to troubleshoot SELinux issues, just use the sealert utility.

Oh, you can’t find the sealert utility in any of the package managers? Silly, you! It’s called setroubleshoot, of course.

I can’t believe you couldn’t figure that out.

#linux #consistency

The urge of a capybara to put out some youtube video about linux and academia

ssh into server
dnf upgrade
new kernel 😚
tmux crashed
ssh interrupted

Yeah sex is good, but have you ever tried wearing an open source smartwatch?

I brew coffee for 5 people,

and I end up drinking all by myself

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I have noticed a large portion of those on #Mastodon happen to be #Linux users and #FOSS advocates in general. Lets see just how many are.

What's your OS?

Good morning fediverse, today I got to work and was immediately harassed by comic sans

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Hi all :blobrainbow:
We're moving to our new apartment in a couple of days and have reached the stage of packing up books. I found a copy of Snowden's Permanent Record that Abebooks had mistakenly sent to me, and I wanted to give that to someone who would enjoy it.

So: if you are interested in a hardcover copy of Permanent Record by Ed Snowden and are willing to pay for shipping (I'm in Germany), this book could be yours!

Boosts are welcome, please contact me somehow! #giveaways #linuxpizza

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And btw Yes i do know there is the unstable flatpak of nautilus that has already been ported to libadwaita, but it doensn't work that well

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There is a gnome GTK3 theme that emulates the GTK4 theme!!!! now nautilus wont be looking out of place anymore!!!

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Is anyone here using the Mozilla VPN? Is it any good? I wanted to support Mozilla and it seems like a good way of doing it

Unfortunately I won't have a lot of time for playing with Linux in the next two weeks :(

I'll keep you guys updated if I myself think it's worth it

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