Hi all! Was wondering if I could plump the depths of our communal experience for some information? I've got a job interview with Red Hat in a week and I'm interested to hear if anyone here has had any exposure to the company in the past and any thoughts on them? Any help would be great! 😁

Hello friends, back again. I'm looking to get more into the world of iRC and wondered if anyone could recommend a server to check out. I remember using ICQ and MSN chat back in the day, just long days and nights browsing chat rooms and it got me wondering if places like that still existed? iRC seems like the place to look. Happy to take suggestions to the contrary.

@tomosaigon True that. Review of read of locked down versions of firefox sound promising, coupled with security/privacy focused plugins

@tomosaigon I suppose in the rush to get Google out of my life I'm just eager to adopt any practice I can. Replacing the rom of my phone sounds so appealing, but there's clearly a lot to it that I've still yet to consider.

@cooper It never even occurred to me that working with apps outside of the Google Play environment wouldn't be able to send push notifications. There's really no way to work around this on a custom rom like lineage?

One thing that I have been interested in getting everyones opinion on is privacy browsing and dark net browsing. Is TOR the inevitable end point for the privacy focused individual? Do many people here live on the dark net as opposed to the surface web? Are there any pros and cons to it? Sorry to bombard the group with questions. I'm really enjoying my time on here.

My foss journey is following the long and inevitable, arch of de-googling my life. With that in mind I'm curious to hear if there are any Android users here rolling with custom roms on their phones? or just general opinions on the use of custom roms.

Well considering the feedback I got, I'm officially running ubuntu on a vm! I'm looking to move as much of online life to here as possible. I'll only be getting on my old win 10 OS to game. I went for the minimal install, so if anyone has got any suggestions for any productivity apps or anything at all that they feel I should run feel free to send a suggestion my way :) I'm not afraid of living in the terminal either, so everything is fair game.

@tychi Twitter...the very definition of a self licking ice cream

wow, got an overwhelming level of support from that last toot! Mastodon is already leagues better than Twitter. Glad I could generate an actual discussion. Thanks so much for all of the feedback. Time for me to starg digging through distros

@aqueleviniciusmedina I've played around briefly with ubuntu in the past, but gnome is pretty resource hungry isnt it?

I've noticed that a lot of people on here rock some flavor of linux. I'm curious to hear what distro people prefer, what distro you would recommend for a beginner, and if you load into a vm, dual boot or have completely replaced your origianl os

@hrodnand I'd never even heard of gopher! I've been looking into it all day. thanks for showing this to me. any particular haunts you'd recommend I check out?

is there anywhere left on the internet that isn't bloated and corrupted? I remember when a time when it was almost magical. now look what it's reduced to. where is left to go?

Hi all! Brand new to Mastodon and looking forward to experiencing it. I'm really interested getting Google and big social media out of my online life. If anyone out there has any guides or recommendations that they could send my way I'd appreciate it.


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