@cooper It never even occurred to me that working with apps outside of the Google Play environment wouldn't be able to send push notifications. There's really no way to work around this on a custom rom like lineage?

@sondering67 I'm not certain that there's not a way but, I've not found one.

@sondering67 @cooper not really for instant push notifications that rely on Google Services. I don't run GApps and I have my apps sync data anywhere between every 5 minutes to an hour depending on the particular app in question. One option might to use Magisk for systemless MicroG and only enable the module when you need to rely on certain apps for work. I'm actually curious if it would be possibe to have 2 user accounts on the phone and only have MicroG enabled on one user but not the other.

@sondering67 @cooper there is also an app called AndroidPN that offers push notifications available on F-Droid. I don't believe that has to do with anything GSF related tho. I'm not sure if that was thru the main repo or from another I've synced.

@sondering67 @cooper so turns out it is an option. Installed systemless MicroG via Magisk module. Since it mounts as system at boot you're able disable thru settings->apps under one account, completely removing the option to add a Google account thru settings, but still set up a Google account by switching to a new user on your device. Could be useful to some. You can share message & call logs between users also.

@jmizzle207 @sondering67 Interesting. I'll look into it some more. Thanks for the tips.

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