One thing that I have been interested in getting everyones opinion on is privacy browsing and dark net browsing. Is TOR the inevitable end point for the privacy focused individual? Do many people here live on the dark net as opposed to the surface web? Are there any pros and cons to it? Sorry to bombard the group with questions. I'm really enjoying my time on here.

@sondering67 one opinion: there are shades of privacy and you can get more privacy with any browser w/o going full Tor

@tomosaigon I suppose in the rush to get Google out of my life I'm just eager to adopt any practice I can. Replacing the rom of my phone sounds so appealing, but there's clearly a lot to it that I've still yet to consider.

@tomosaigon True that. Review of read of locked down versions of firefox sound promising, coupled with security/privacy focused plugins

Privacy is always a compromise to some degree. And that is a value you have to settle for yourself.
I look at it in 2 ways: how much of me am I willing to share; & how much am I willing to do/pay not to share (convenience/ inconvenience).

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