Hi all! Brand new to Mastodon and looking forward to experiencing it. I'm really interested getting Google and big social media out of my online life. If anyone out there has any guides or recommendations that they could send my way I'd appreciate it.

@sondering67 Welcome aboard! Make sure to explore and toot away. Check for some great information on the community,

@sondering67 Welcome there ! I´ll hope you will find Mastodon great. I could suggest you @switchingsoftware website which tells you a lot of alternatives and tips in order to replace GAFAM on your life. @privacytools is also a great place, and pretty complete. Feel free to ask any questions or request, I´ve been Google free since ~2 years already, so i surely would be able to help with that.

@sondering67 Im also new here. Came with the same goal. I think it will be easier here to find same-minded people since the communities are small and niche-oriented.

Btw, instead of Google - use DuckDuckGo.

As for social media... see with how much people are you communicating with. For me, 80% of yearly messages are useless or could be said in person. With other 20% I'm talking via phone or Whatsapp, or in person.

Hope this helps! :)

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