Which web browser do you use on ? I love , but it made my laptop really hot and then crashed (maybe not the first time)! I wonder what that's about.

I may make a big post somewhere about the beauty of `zpaq` and how painfully overlooked it is. It encrypts, handles network incremental updates, and I'll talk more about it soon.

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I love good error messages and I should try harder to have great error messages in my projects. I have some great error messages in some of my projects at least.

I found out about . It popped in my head that "I can use this to see which files I changed on my server and back them up!"

sudo debsums -ca | xargs -I {} zpaq a server-debsums-ca-.zpaq {}

The above uses my favorite archiver-- (please check it out!), to create incremental, highly compressed backups of such files debsum indicates to us.

This isn't flawless, though. It skips my sshd_config and not every Debian package has an md5 checksum list of every file.

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@someodd I don't do development so I cannot speak from experience, but this might help you set it up with :

I'm personally using nix-shell for occasional Python development

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Quoting @totoroot 's link:
> The nixpkgs haskell infrastructure provides a shellFor utility which is essentially a mkShell that understands that it's actually used in a haskell context.
That's generally what's used.

Note also that haskell-nix (another infrastructure different from Nixpkgs', generally more useful for more involved projects) provides a similar utility:

I wish instead of dealing with trying to figure out how to build `weechat-discord` I wish I could `nix-build`.

There's no support for . Maybe I'll try to help make it work in .

in the mean time I'm going to try to `nix-build` my project in soon.

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@someodd I highly, highly recommend this book: linuxcommand.org/tlcl.php

It is free and licensed under a creative Commons license.

There is no support in . Maybe I should try? I feel this is above me, but maybe I could try.

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I'm about to test `nix-build`'ing my project in !

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@someodd indeed, and that’s not even considering more subtle risks like supply chain attacks. If your software gets built on the fly using code downloaded fresh every time from npm (say), and an attacker can plant a bug in one of the npm packages you use, guess what it’s in your software now too en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Supply_c

I made a PR to libjwt-typed in order to work with nixpkgs better and GHC 9.0.2 in general.

I already made a temporary fix to nixpkgs through a PR which jailbroke libjwt-typed.


Weird tip about Debian unstable: I tend not to run `autoremove` because the only time my system had trouble with unstable was when I ran `autoremove`. I'm honestly fine one the... 34.8 KB of disk space.

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@someodd dev dependencies can become a total pain, maybe disconnect from the net and try build offline, make sure you have only local dependencies. It's a nice feeling taking your laptop to the park and just sitting there disconnected from the internet, tinkering offline.

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