Can u accept licensing a picture of you in CC0 license (public-domain) ?

Today i've set very strict to my @tailscale To reduce who can talk to who, and change my Firewall settings to stricter one.

Also have moved my "front page" used for hsts test (and other automated test) from my homelab to cloudflare page (to close up any incomming port (since tailscale can create connection without opening incoming fixed port)).

Today i will work on my test server to automate redeployement / backup restoration to "install / re-set my rack online in less of 30 minutes"

today for my i have started to properly move all my stuff into a rack.
Also have added Tanoshi to read manga on my server.

Anyone can actually recommend me a secure way to sync my bookmark from a chromium based browser (if possible self hosted with 2FA and encryption).

Tanks if someone know a service who do that i'm tankful.

@session @session_app anyone have already succeed to use a tor proxy / lockynet proxy with tailscale enabled (as exit node) without routing all the exit node through it (only some services like piped or seax) ??

Thanks for any idea or doc you know on (that (i do my own search but ask if)).

For today on my challenge, i do work to try to use tor or/and lockynet and / or VPN to proxy self hosted services like Piped (youtube) or SearXNG (search engine).

All of that without destroying @tailscale in the way.

@session if anyone know a dev or a people in @session if you can ask them when they will update to support EGL for nvidia (on wayland native), i will not use it on xorg.

Thanks !

I'm proud to annonce i'm now a recognized Pastafarian believer.
And i will ask to change my ID pic to add a pirate hat or a strainer on my head.


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