We just released Solidity 0.8.17! Version 0.8.17 fixes an important bug, makes overflow checks on multiplication more efficient and adds an LSP feature to always analyze all files in a project. [1/3]
📖: blog.soliditylang.org/2022/09/
💾: github.com/ethereum/solidity/r

🚨 Storage Write Removal Bug On Conditional Early Termination 🚨
On Sep 5, we found a bug in Solidity's Yul optimizer by differential fuzzing. The bug was introduced in v0.8.13. We assigned the bug a severity of "medium/high". [2/3]


The bug is significantly easier to trigger with optimized via-IR code generation, but can theoretically also occur in optimized legacy code generation.
For details on who should be concerned about this bug, please read the security alert. 👇 [3/3]

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