Don’t miss @ethchris talk at @EthCC in 15mins on the main stage. He’ll be talking all things Solidity in 2021, a must update for all Solidity (and ecosystem) developers! If you’re not in Paris you can follow the talk via the livestream!


Updates from 2020 and 2021: We launched as a one-stop shop portal and undergo several efforts to get more feedback from users and theSolidity ecosystem. Join the forum if you’re interested in language design, it’s at!

Reasons why you should upgrade to a recent Solidity version (0.8.x):
- Checked arithmetics!
- Immutables!
- User-defined errors!
- Elements at file-level!
- New features for bytes! Calldata slices, bytes to bytesNN conv., bytes.concat
Read for details. 🆙

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