Solidity 0.8.5 is out! 🆕🎉 v0.8.5 allows conversions from ``bytes`` to ``bytesNN`` values, adds the ``verbatim`` builtin function to inject arbitrary bytecode in Yul and fixes several smaller bugs.


Notable new features ✨
→ Bytes conversion: 0.8.5 introduces the ability to convert ``bytes`` and ``bytes`` slices to fixed bytes types ``bytes1`` / … / ``bytes32``. It is now possible to convert dynamically-sized bytes types to fixed-length bytes types.

→ Verbatim in Yul: 0.8.5 introduces the set of ``verbatim`` builtin functions for Yul that allows you inject arbitrary bytecode into the binary. This is currently only available via pure Yul, i.e., it is not accessible via inline assembly.

→ Use cases for ``verbatim``: One can use ``verbatim`` to conveniently inject a newly proposed EVM opcode into the binary. Additionally, ``verbatim`` can be useful for solutions like @optimismPBC. Why? Check the release announcement for all details! ⬇️

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