I am setting up a new @peertube instance for myself. Was wondering if there are sensible code of conducts, terms etc someone has that they don't mind sharing with me so I can use on my site? Many thanks for all help with this all.

@MadestMadness @softinio @peertube One part of it it's kinda funny:
«Physical contact and simulated physical contact (eg, textual descriptions like “*hug*” or “*backrub*”) without consent or after a request to stop.»

@SrEstegosaurio @softinio @peertube Like, it's silly that people would be doing that in the first place, but if it gets to a point where people have to be asked to stop, it's already been disruptive 😅

@softinio @peertube
Code of conduct: Don't break the law of [locality where server is located] or the law of [locality of server owners place of residence]

@sean are you ok if I base my terms on an edited version of yours? I like what you have done. Awesome.

@softinio @peertube

Is it a private instance for yourself? Why do you need a CoC for that?

@obsolete29 hey I am running @yunohost on my server and used it to install peertube.

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