In the recent days, due to the news with WhatsApp, I've seen a lot of people getting their loved ones away from WhatsApp (which is good), to other services like Signal and Telegram (which is not good).

If you managed to convince them to try something new, why not choose something that's not centralized and proprietary software? And instead something that's based on open standards, that's open source, decentralized, federated, platform agnostic, easy to host and lightweight, something like XMPP?

@hund I do think Signal is a good compromise. Out of interest what are your thoughts on XMPP vs Matrix? I would have thought Matrix would be contender here.

@softinio Both are open source, decentralized and federated, which is good. What I don't like about Matrix is the fact that both the clients and the backend are bloated, the server is complicated and difficult to host and manage. And you can't even delete your own account. Where as XMPP is easy to host and (most of) the clients and the servers are really lightweight.

What I don't like about XMPP is the fact that the goof E2EE options is a bit complicated to use for a regular user.


@hund which server implementation did you use or recommend?

@softinio I'm using Prosody, it's easy to setup, it works great and it's really lightweight. The @snikket_im project is using Prosody as well. :)

@Softinio @Hund i am also using prosody, i actually use it with diaspora users db, so my diaspora pod users have also xmpp accounts.

that is officially supported by diaspora btw.

i also used ejabberd, and it was very stable.

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