I am setting up a new @peertube instance for myself. Was wondering if there are sensible code of conducts, terms etc someone has that they don't mind sharing with me so I can use on my site? Many thanks for all help with this all.

what is everyone's view on the best license to use for you project? I started life with having all of my stuff , but then noticed a lot of successful projects using so on one or two I used that. Also seeing the rise of companies abusing projects for their commercial offerings be good to block. Everyone's thought and experience appreciated.Thank you all!

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Just discovered #archivebox. Wow. I have been wanting something like this for years. Archives web pages. Can use your bookmarks, browser history, files, etc. as input. Clever clever. archivebox.io/

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Thinking of getting a new external to use with my for software development. What’s everyone’s recommendation? What are you using?

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There are some of us that are just getting into the Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) movement. For those with iOS, I felt like these personal recommendation would be a great start. Just because you’re on an Apple device doesn’t mean you can’t support FOSS developers. Hopefully this will help those get introduced or create a stepping stone into the FOSS culture.


This seems to good to be true sonoviastore.com anyone know more about it or have any opinions on it?

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Librem 14 Begins Shipping

"We set out on a multi-year journey to build our dream laptop—the Librem 14—and today that dream is reality and is shipping."


#Librem14 #privacy #freedom

Zoom’s upcoming screen and meeting reminders have replaced me using calendars without me noticing. Sneaky! Anyone else have developed this bad habit? 😀

Which subdomain name do you all think I should use for my own instance? Comment for other suggestions :-)

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