According to KeePassXC, a 49 character AZaz09 password is ~240-270 bits of entropy. I have enough entropy in my master password to create both an Ed25519 and X25519 key (from separate bits, not ed->x) from just the password. Now I can say my SSH key isn't password protected, but *is* my password. 😎

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I've been quite happy since I've switched to essentially a dumb phone with no apps but sms/phone. My sleep has improved, and I can comfortably wake at ~6:30. I highly recommend re-evaluating your mobile phone use and moderating yourself more!

@kev Loving your simplecss library! Saves eyesores in my prototypes 😃

Dropped a TV remote on my phone from a foot above it, it shattered. Switching back to a dumb phone might help me focus on productive stuff. Should I?

Unit tests as you code, or once it's stable and working?

Pros of my new 49 character long password:
-I am no longer afraid to type in my password in front of others, as there is no way they'd memorize all of it
-It feels like opening a bank vault when I sudo
-Girls drool over my passwd entropy

-It takes as long as a bank vault to open
-Getting it wrong is an ordeal
-No more midnight scrolling when I'm too tired to type in my password
-Exiting a terminal that's already sudo is painful when I realize there's one more sudo command to the tutorial

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Just found out my password could be cracked in 2 hours if the entire bitcoin network worked on cracking it. Sigh, time to extend it to 50 characters...

To make it clear, the third option is very confusing in my own mind. It would still require a client/server setup, but in my mind, it would be a bitcoin-style network where you could run a server that joins the other servers and shares all messages between them. I'm not sure what the benefits of this would be, to be quite honest.

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Hello fedifriends. I've been internally debating what to base my IB project on. Should it be...

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There are three hard problems in computer science: standardizing on a single chat application with your friends and off by one errors

free speech, social media 

The irony of complaining about free speech online then disabling comments on the post... cmon

I'm sorry guys... I relapsed. After one month clean, I plugged in my windows SSD and booted it up.

Just to get some files off, mind you. But I still felt dirty...

Is there any good messaging apps that run on PC without the tunneling that whatsapp/signal use? Besides matrix/XMPP.

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