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The latest #WhatsApp news is part of a general trend where companies erode their own privacy policies over time. It is rare that you will ever see a privacy policy update that adds clauses in its users' favour.

These companies need more data to thrive and grow. It's how they work, it's their DNA.

I believe that only communication platforms with no central ownership can be trusted. That's why I'm working hard on @snikket_im. I already migrated my family to it, and it's going great!

The primary use case for Snikket is not business messaging, but personal. Traceability and persistence are not goals.

There are certainly features lost and usability concerns added when end-to-end encryption with forward secrecy is used, but it is our job to minimize this impact while maximizing users' privacy.

Agreed! For specific plans you'll need to ask the Tigase team, but I'm pretty sure the feature will be implemented in these libraries: +

@badrihippo Right now we only support Docker-based deployment. However YunoHost integration is one of our goals: - will definitely shout when that's done :)

@lps @mcpaccard Thanks for the tips! Yes, UX is a very important topic. See also the related project at - part of the same initiative, but with a broader scope encompassing all XMPP IM clients.

@lps Absolutely agree! That's what we're working towards 🙂

We're *really* excited to announce the sponsorship of end-to-end encrypted group chats (OMEMO) in Siskin, the client! One step closer to an excellent XMPP experience on Apple devices :)

@povoq Absolutely not decided yet. It will take a bit of research to determine which is the closest match to the requirements, and also depends on having someone able and willing to actually do the necessary work. Thanks for the pointer to nioc/xmpp-web!

Good idea! As with everything done so far (for both Prosody and Conversations), anything that can be upstreamed will be 🙂

Added a new page to our website with an overview of the project and its goals:

May help answer "What is Snikket about?" for some of you!

Whether you use Snikket currently or not, we have a community survey live to help us get some feedback and prioritize the next steps for the project:

Looking forward to hearing from you all! 🙂

Check out

There is no central Snikket service. Self-host (then creating an invite for yourself and others is part of setup) or encourage someone you know to set up an instance!
@mattj @christoffer @frox

Finally (for now!), we just rolled out the latest version of the Android app to F-Droid and Google Play. Find out more about what's in the 2.9.0 release in our blog post:

Next up will be some updates to the Snikket server. Stay tuned!

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Secondly, Snikket is now backed by an actual organisation. This is exciting news... it will allow us to more easily pursue grants for our activities, and to receive donations (thanks @Liberapay !) from people who wish to support the project.

Read our blog post for more info on the organisation, and why we chose to establish it as a Community Interest Company:

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Firstly, we've given our site a much-needed update. It was mostly untouched since originally putting it together in time for launching the demo at FOSDEM (oops).

But now, most importantly, we have a blog! - There are already a few posts there about where the project is coming from, and going to.

If you've been meaning to dust off your RSS reader for a while, there has never been a better time :)

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#XMPP still seems like one of the best chat systems out there when you consider the defense in depth that you can do with it, such as metadata defense and not storing messages on servers permanently.

Some people still promote centralised chat as being “more secure”, but this only works on a small scale. Big centralised systems soon become a threat, in terms of the temptation to spy on users, social stratifications and in terms of the need to monetize large resources.

Yes! It's currently considered something of an 'advanced' use case, but if you install OpenKeychain from F-Droid or Google Play, you can select 'OpenPGP' from the encryption menu in the Snikket conversation view.

If you give it a try then it would be great to hear feedback ☺

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