If you self-host a Snikket server, we released a security update today that you should be aware of... for more details check our blog post:

Patched! (Prosody, not Snikket). About that... I've been running a Prosody server for some years, and I'm quite happy with it. I like what I read about Snikket, and I wonder if there will be a way to make the change from one software to the other in the future. Thanks!

@aab Yes, we're looking at ways to make it easier.

The next feature release will include easy import/export functionality for individual accounts (compatible with Prosody and other XMPP servers).

Since Snikket *is* Prosody internally, you'd think migration would be trivial. And it might be - but if your Prosody configuration differs from Snikket's (even the names of domains you use for groups and files) it suddenly becomes more tricky. Depends how much effort you want to put into it 🙂

I did put some effort to set Prosody 😂

I'll check your releases then. Thanks!
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