is currently down. This is your regular reminder that centralized platforms are centralized: a single point of failure and control.

Help spread the word about open decentralized networks.

If you want to migrate your family or other social group away from proprietary apps but don't know how, that's what we're here for. You can self-host Snikket or sign up for our hosted platform. After setup, invite your contacts with a simple link and you're done.

Good luck!


While I use XMPP and Matrix every day and heavily promote open networks to get people off Whatsapp and the like, I take issue with this post.

1. Are you suggesting, that people in the Fediverse are never plagued by server troubles? Sure, if one server is down, the service as a whole still works. If you are connected to that one server, you are still screwed.

2. I don't get that point of Snikket. It seems to be just another XMPP client and server. What makes it so different?

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