@thorn As far as ethically questionable marketing goes, I'm afraid we can't compete with Facebook and their PR teams 😉

We're promoting open-source and an open ecosystem. You don't have to use Snikket, there are many alternatives on the network that Snikket is part of, such as Movim, @dino, @gajim, @tigase and Conversations.

And XMPP isn't the only open network, there's also and . All of us are working on decentralized alternatives to WhatsApp, powered by open-source.

@thorn Someone recently posted it this way: "if your product helps people, it is your moral duty to promote it".

Currently many people are unaware of open alternatives, and collectively we all have a lot of work to do improving that. Times like this are perfect to educate them, when they might wonder how else they can communicate during this outage.

When you're up against tech giants, just building good software is not enough unfortunately - with money and marketing they will win by default.


Oh fuck off. Don't go evangelizing software. Of course this is coming from fosstodon users

@snikket_im @thorn I'm founding an NGO with this precise scope: implementing open source technology in valuable realms/domains and teaching professionals on how to use it. Cost free for professionals. First application domain: investigative journalism. We already started.

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