Exciting news! Thanks to funding from the Open Technology Fund, the excellent folks at Simply Secure will be working with us to improve the usability of , particularly our iOS app.

If you're interested in helping out with the usability study, there is an opportunity to participate with 30 minutes of your time. No special expertise required :)

Read more on our blog:

@snikket_im nice!

Somewhat tangent question, is there any talk about creating some sort of XMPP certification scheme that would certify XMPP clients and servers as implementing a certain well-chosen set of XEPs?

As you correctly note on your Goals page, fragmentation of that ecosystem is a serious problem, and that goes all the way down to protocol level.

I think it would make a lot of sense to have some kind of a common baseline like that.

@rysiek @snikket_im Isn't there already a XEP for that? Or at least it's like "these are the XEPs a server/client should implement to serve X use case".
Anything more than that's pretty dumb, the entire point of XMPP is that it should be able to handle being fragmented.

@rysiek This is the goal of the XMPP compliance suites, published annually by the XSF:

That covers the protocol layer. @mattj started to also fill the need for UI/UX consistency across the ecosystem.

Snikket was born out of the work on the Modern XMPP project. The realization being that you can publish all the documents you want, but someone needs to ensure that these recommendations get implemented. So here we are 🙂

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