I was reading more about #snikket and the idea is to have a standard #xmpp experience beyond just interoperability. So snikket clients will have same user experience in all platforms. That is basically bringing common experience across different clients. So snikket will worki with both conversations and siskin or monal projects to bring same features on iOS. #signal

That is consistency with collaboration instead of centralization. A more sustainable approach to bring consistent user experience. You can think of it as xmpp core + a defined set of xeps + same user experience + same terminology. They bring consistency by funding missing features and they are a social enterprise. #snikket

So #snikket is kind of a super set of xmpp core. So we can tell users to use snikket and they will have the same xmpp experience irrespective of platforms. Snikket also means they don't have to remember server name, or username and probably no need to remember password too, I see some option for certificate based login so probably user does not need to remember password too.

@praveen Although it makes for a good on-boarding for new users, it should suggest different server providers (i.e. Select your username:, and so on) to avoid being centralized.
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Snikket is not centralized, which is exactly why we don't suggest *any* servers 🙂

Part of our mission is re-decentralizing the network. This means making self-hosting as easy as possible and not herding people onto large servers. That is why we don't run a server like "". You need to run your own instance or know someone who does.


Why don't you explain exactly this, in easy words, on the website? It would save you countless hours of answering the same questions over and over.

PS: please do provide the statutory company information on the website. For one thing it is a legal requirement, for another it's the first thing I look for when searching for a product or service.

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@snikket_im @teecee @praveen

Another suggestion: your offering targets existing or potential server admins. Id est, people who are either already familiar with #XMPP or not afraid to try. 😀 So in your landing page you can safely assume you're talking to a technically inclined person, not an end user to whom the whole thing is of no interest and will probably fly over their heads anyway.

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From the end user point of view, they will be a customer / subscriber / user of say messenger service. All they need to know is that ACME is a “universal messenger (insert adequate marketing term here)” which lets you chat with users, users, etc.

They needn't know or care what the underlying tech is, unless you can make a recognisable brand out of it à la #ZigBee or #Bluetooth.

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