Added a new page to our website with an overview of the project and its goals:

May help answer "What is Snikket about?" for some of you!

@Snikket Web admin dashboard is cool, looking forward to it.

Would be nice if you could add to that page what your plans are regarding Prosody back-porting.

Good idea! As with everything done so far (for both Prosody and Conversations), anything that can be upstreamed will be 🙂

@Snikket Do you have decided on the web-client you want to use now? While I like ConverseJS, I would prefer if JSXC would be pushed a bit more (the main developer is quite busy with other stuff). It would have the advantage that JSXC has the same audio-video chat capabilities as Conversations.
Or if you are interested in starting from a cleaner PWA base, than this would be cool to take up:

@povoq Absolutely not decided yet. It will take a bit of research to determine which is the closest match to the requirements, and also depends on having someone able and willing to actually do the necessary work. Thanks for the pointer to nioc/xmpp-web!

Exciting to have more #XMPP services and hope there will be globally subscribable XEP-0060 pubsubs too for blogging

@snikket_im I stumbled upon your webpage in xmpp newsletter and read most of not all pages of the website with the hope of finding relevant info on what features Snikket provide, but there is nothing there even roadmap. These are the features that those big corporations provide:

1. Text chat
2. Voice call (one2one and group)
3. Video call (one2one and group)
4. Send files (images, videos, any other file)
5. Share live location on map
6. Have public room/channels (WhatsApp doesn’t have this)

@Mehrad thanks for your feedback! Yes, the website has not changed substantially since we were a young project and things were moving fast. The plan is to roll out an update to the site in the coming weeks. Your feedback helps!

To answer your questions:

1) Text chat: absolutely!
2) Voice call: Yes, but currently only 1-to-1 right now
3) Video call: Yes, but also 1-to-1.
4) Media/file sharing: yep!
5) You can share current location with a contact but there is no live map
6) Public channels: yes


Hey! :) Thanks for the great and important work you are doing!! ❤️ I really love your project!

Just one thing I noticed on the page you linked:

"proprietary messaging apps such as [...] Signal" 🤔

I mean yeah, Signal is centralized and I therefore also prefer a federated protocol such as XMPP, but Signal is at the moment being definitely not "proprietary".

Thanks for the kind words!

Signal is a tough one. If you missed it, there is a blog post comparing Signal's philosophy here:

Signal is leagues away from the evils of the alternatives. It's a reasonable option for many.

That said, most of the dictionary definitions of "proprietary" do apply to Signal, particularly definition 4 at

> Nonstandard and controlled by one particular organization.

Signal have clearly expressed that they don't want to standardize Signal (see "The ecosystem is moving"), and they control both the protocol and the software. They have also expressed their dislike of unofficial clients connecting to their servers.

It is very much a proprietary platform, even though they publish source code.

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