Curious about the history behind the launch of Snikket? Have a read of the latest Prosody blog post:

So only someone with invitation code can use @snikket_im downloaded from Play Store?

@dagang correct! The app is designed for connecting to a Snikket server. When you have set up a Snikket server you can generate as many invite links as you want, to help your contacts sign up to your server using the app 🧙

@Snikket Cool initiative! As for the webchat and possible way forward for a app, please have a look at this new project:
It's not quite there yet, but with a bit of extra effort it would work as a really nice lightweight webchat and also PWA app. It would also be easy to turn it into a iOS, Android  & Desktop app via Cordova.

@snikket_im this is great! Conversations is doing a good job, but it's about time we had a client+server combine as well :xmpp:

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