A new alpha release is available! This adds support for creating account recovery links (new phone, or had to reinstall the app?), increases the size limit for group file sharing, and fixes a bug with private group chat creation.


We're working on getting a comprehensive documentation site up. Meanwhile if you have any questions feel free to ask here or in the chat!

It's here...! The latest release of Snikket supports voice and video calling out of the box! ☎📽

If you're upgrading the server from a previous release, check out the upgrade notes: github.com/snikket-im/snikket-

Setting up a new server? Check out the quick start guide: snikket.org/service/quickstart

The latest app update is already in Google Play. F-Droid users keep a look out for it arriving soon!

A handy guide to running the Snikket alpha on a Synology NAS courtesy of Alex from AG Software: ag-software.net/2020/02/28/run

Should be an nice easy weekend project for Synology owners :)

Curious about the history behind the launch of Snikket? Have a read of the latest Prosody blog post: blog.prosody.im/introducing-sn

We launched the project today, and it has been great talking to lots of supportive people at ! If you didn't find us yet, we'll be at the Realtime Lounge in K building again tomorrow!


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