Doing my first steps towards freeing myself from mainstream social media. Fediverse, here I come!

This place is officially my new den now.

@snezhniylis I guess the one thing I miss, being on Fosstodon/Mastodon, compared to mainstream big tech social media is that, back there, users had mostly names like 'Jack Thompson', 'Samantha Barton' or 'LeRoy Hampton'. Here, everyone be like, 'repourge', 'linuxdockr' or 'panidgrl' and such like. Still getting used to those subtle things. That and no-one talks about trucks on here. No more, "Yuh, bro. She's got a 6.4 Hemi and duallies out back, y'all!" < sigh>

@snezhniylis but you'll like it anyhow, might take a few days but there's plenty to learn and loads of nice people to meet! 😊👍

@zoot Yeah, the nicknames thing can be a bit alien coming from Twitter. But it gives old school "wild west" internet vibes. Which is kinda nice!

While lacking glorious truck talks, I'm still considering following a bunch of peeps from

Also, thank you!

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