Those of y'all who use Linux on their laptop... what kind of laptop you rocking?

@smt Thinkpad t495, works pretty well for the most part

@smt Yep! I think there's a similar intel version too - if you're into video editing, might want to get something with intel as I've run into problems with AMD graphics libraries on here.

@smt 2010 MacBook Pro that I got for cheap because work was getting rid of them.

It's usable but I definitely want something better (and non-Apple) soon.

@smt An old Lenovo Thinkpad x230, but I eye a new Thinkpad T41s

@smt Asus Zenbook 14. Works flawlessly.

Any laptop will intel-everything (wifi, graphics) will generally be fully supported these days.

@fedops That's great, I have an Asus ultrabook that has been pretty decent for the last few years.

@smt if it weren't for the abysmal touchpad and yoyo keyboard...

This specific thing actually runs better under Linux. Less idle power consumption, far less fan noise. Guess the Asus drivers for the other os aren't very well done.

@fedops Yeah, can confirm the trackpad on mine is trash

@smt Dell Inspiron. Previous one lasted me ten years (still works) before I replaced it. I go high spec when I buy and don't mind bulk as it's really a desktop replacement.

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