Hello friends,

My name is Stephen, and I am a full-stack web developer. I have had a soft spot for Linux and other FOSS since the late 90s.

After browsing Fosstodon for a while, I know I will feel at home here. It reminds me very much of what birdsite used to be like when it first started taking off. I miss that.

Thanks for listening to my , and feel free to say hello!

@Citizenzibb Thank you! I have been meaning to revisit XMPP one day. Perhaps you’ll enlighten me!

I am also new, I look forward to reading what you post.

@paleobiologist Thanks! I saw your introductions post and thought, "I guess I should do that, too." Prepare to be disappointed, I'm not the most interesting person :)

@rmdes Thank you! It's a breath of fresh air here.

Hello and welcome to Mastodon! 🤓

I'm feeling like the unofficial welcoming committee today... hmm...

@evelynyap Thanks a bunch! I have been on some other instances the past few years, but I'm looking to use the Fediverse more now.

@skippy Thanks, happy to be here! Nice Vim icon.

@smt Hello Stephen. Nice to see you on Fosstodon.

@suraj Hi Suraj, I'm very happy to be here. I see that you are also new. How have you found it so far?

@smt Yup. I found this after searching alternative option for Facebook and Twitter. Too much advertisement there instead of content. Really liking the community and content here.

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