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Hello friends,

My name is Stephen, and I am a full-stack web developer. I have had a soft spot for Linux and other FOSS since the late 90s.

After browsing Fosstodon for a while, I know I will feel at home here. It reminds me very much of what birdsite used to be like when it first started taking off. I miss that.

Thanks for listening to my , and feel free to say hello!


A reference web app that I built 7 years ago still lives on, and is a major part of a training course I am now taking. Feels very strange to see it again after all this time.

I'm holding my tongue in-class, because mentioning it would just be a distraction from the subject matter.

It’s been about 7 hours, fine so far. Hoping I won’t get walloped with a barrage of fatigue. Drinking a lot of water and moving my arm a lot.

Feeling good. Vaccinated and hydrated. Long time coming.

Thanks to everyone who replied with their laptop usage. It was helpful! Lenovo got a lot of love, and there were some mentions of Dell and Asus too.

Those of y'all who use Linux on their laptop... what kind of laptop you rocking?

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Medium is the Expert’s Exchange of blogging.

(PS. Open a private browser window. You’re welcome.)

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I checked out and found that nearly everything in Trending was cryptocurrency shills, far-right trolls, or irrelevant memes. Doesn't look like I'm the target audience. Maybe I'm missing something.

Building a starter gaming PC with my son was a great experience. He learned a lot about what all the parts were, and why they were important.

I have learned so much in the past year from the denizens of Fosstodon. Thanks for being awesome, y’all!

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