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non FOSS software, self promotion 

I wrote a primer for my discovery algorithm (, which has found >53,000% return in under a year and is launching soon!

for the frontend, the backend, and every other place that I can force it.

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I don't care if I get labelled as hipster trash; In the Aeroplane Over the Sea slaps

10/10 album

Don't know if you guys have been watching stock price movement but, well, it's definitely a legal and legitimate action that should be encouraged

On the 15th of June it was $16.21 and today it hit a high of $2,555.30 didn't find it because of a couple of reasons (all due to me, and all fixed now) but part of me is glad because it would so thoroughly throw the curve and I would have to exclude it from certain metrics that I track

Right I'm about to make a pure fool out of myself

I thought it was pronounced joe-joe-ba

My fiancee laughed at me and said it was ho-ho-ba

I'm so embarrassed that I wish everyone else was dead

I'm back in the UK after 6 months abroad and it's amazing how police state-y it is. I never noticed before

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Is there such a thing as RSS -> activitypub wherein a service watches your blog's RSS feed and updates a feed accordingly?

Was looking at an activitypub blog but I think that static files are just a much better option for a blog

I've had to start using Twitter for marketing purposes/hanging out in spaces that are under developed in the Fediverse

It's wild just how much better the Fediverse is as a product. The only benefit of Twitter is the user base, the actual product has been massively superseded

Too many people spend too long online, and it shows

I really cannot say this enough, but do not name your children Feetr

Once more.

Do 👏 Not 👏 Name 👏 Your 👏 Children 👏 Feetr 👏

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🏗️ Help needed!

We need someone to consult on "text recognition". , , , etc. Especially the pro's and cons for our specific use-case:

We need a "job or not" recognition-thing that takes a toot, and produces a flag (or score) whether it is a job-posting, a vacancy.

To improve the fediverse job search tool, which now includes false positives. We want to reduce those.

PM us, mail to or reply 👇 if you'd like to help!

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Anyone know of any other image hosting sites?

We are doing market research for our new premium image hosting service for hackers.

Opening a terminal, quickly pressing up and enter, only to run "quit"

Then opening a terminal, learning your lesson to press up twice, then enter, and running the same "quit" command

I need coffee...

You gays really know how to drink

I'm hung tf over

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is anyone using linux with an ultrawide monitor? if so, what DE are you using? also, are you enjoying it?

I was today years old when I learned about, a blog which can federate with activitypub

If a company sets up their own Mastodon as a subdomain, should that subdomain be:

1) mastodon.*

Raises awareness of, and gives name recognition to, Mastodon

2) social.*

Normalises the use of Mastodon but users may need to research how to create an account, etc

3) Something else entirely?

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