EU, this is NOT right. There are thousands of lives at stake and someone should be held responsible for this clear case of mismanagement.

Muy chulo el detalle que envían este año a los participantes en la @devconf_cz 😁

This cow has been served by an @OpenFaaS function running in a libkrun-isolated container (that is, a lightweight VM, note the hint given by the different kernel version).

I've added volume and port mapping support to krunvm/libkrun and I'm quite happy with the result.

The combination podman + libkrun Linux VMs on macOS is *chef kiss*

buildah is an excellent companion for libkrun on macOS 😁

Still a long road ahead, but here is libkrun booting a lightweight Linux VM on macOS Aarch64 (Apple Silicon M1).

Well... this is weird... 😅

Guess it's time to bring Lightweight Virtual Machines to the M1. 😁

Was this scene from The Mandalorian a hint about the upcoming Rangers of the New Republic spin-off? 🤔

Madre mía, más de 175 horas de juego el Cyberpunk...

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