Tras las restricciones que entraron en vigor a principios de año, ¿dónde vuela la gente sus drones deportivos? ¿Tienen los clubs naves alquiladas o algo así?

Idea loca: un podcast al estilo de TodoPoderosos, con formato de debate, pero con una temática centrada en software y hardware (cualquier cosa, no sólo noticias). Con gente como @gallir, @jjmerelo, @acruiz...

We're hiring! My team (Virtualization & Storage) is looking for a Senior Software Engineer to join us (remote, EMEA/LATAM). If you're interested, you can contact me via DM or Keybase (check my profile).

Working on a Confidential Computing solution isn't that hard. Working on a Confidential Computing solution WITHOUT becoming paranoid is the real challenge.

Uhh, so /dev/yes is now a thing for real too 😆

Since it's kernel-side, there has to be a separate implementation for each kernel. As of now, the following kernels are supported: Linux, GNU #Hurd, XNU (Darwin), and #SerenityOS.

Performance and supported features depends on the particular implementation and kernel, but at least on Linux and the Hurd, /dev/yes is ≈3 times faster than GNU yes(1).

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"From L3 to seL4. What Have We Learnt in 20 Years of L4 Microkernels?"

20 years after I started playing with GNU Mach, I'm still fascinated by microkernels. I hope I'll get the chance to work with one of them at some point in the future.

Yesterday I updated my work laptop to Fedora 34. Everything went fine (just as expected), but in any case it was a zero-risk operation because I'm running @teamsilverblue 😁

Posiblemente, los países que no desarrollen tecnología nuclear de cuarta y quinta generación quedarán económicamente lastrados para toda la segunda mitad del siglo XXI.

Pero sigamos discutiendo sobre a qué hora deben cerrar los bares.

Sin ser fanboy de Apple, sigo pensando que ésta es una de las mejores (por no decir la mejor) presentación de un producto tecnológico.

Yeah, sex is cool, but have you tried writing a minimal FW to boot a Linux guest on an SEV-ES VM?

I just reencoded that nested emulator using vp9 instead of av1 and it's a heck of a lot better at a quarter of the bandwidth; in the end using two pass:
ffmpeg -i screen.gif -c:v libvpx-vp9 -threads 32 -tune-content 1 -row-mt true -an -b:v 512k -sharpness 7 -pass 1 -f null /dev/null
ffmpeg -i screen.gif -c:v libvpx-vp9 -threads 32 -tune-content 1 -row-mt true -an -b:v 512k -sharpness 7 -pass 2 test.webm

I wonder if we could integrate WSLg in krunvm to run sandboxed Linux GUI applications on both macOS and Linux. 🤔

"For All Mankind" is really, really good. But, I have to say, American series producers should hire fluent Spanish speakers to review the dialogues written in this language (so many broken sentences and weird sounding expressions).

Using libkrun to run fully encrypted (AMD SEV+LUKS) and attested (against a remote server) workloads generated from regular containers is *chef's kiss*. 😁

The "GitHub-centrism" could become a problem, as it appears to be overshadowing contributions done through other Git Forges or via mailing list. 🤔

Qué buena que es Apple en lo suyo. Acabo de ver su evento, y ahora mismo me compraría todo lo que han presentado. Por fortuna para mi economía, en un minutos se me pasa.

Una mini-retrocomputadora con una CPU compatible con i585 a casi 1 Ghz (Vortex86DX2 933 Mhz) para correr juegos de MS-DOS 😍 (cc/ @MsDOSClub)

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