Part 5 of the TechDraw series. This covers customizing templates in inkscape.

Part four of the TechDraw Survey: Section and Detail views. Also a bit about clip groups.

I published a short two-video playlist using Part Design to model a lathe carriage stop. The project is based on a youtube series by everyone's favorite youtube shop teach 'Tubalcain (mrpete222)'
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Part three of the TechDraw Survey is out. This time looking at Projection Groups or 'multi-view projections'

Part two of the TechDraw survey. This time looking at dimensions, hatches, and symbols.

I'm starting a series of videos about the excellent TechDraw workbench. Here's episode number 1 covering the basics

I posted part three of my short end-to-end tutorial making a multi-part acrylic finger-joint box:


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