is a for .

ArduinoJson is a JSON parser written in a dialect of used for devices like Arduino. ArduinoJson uses static memory allocation, preventing memory fragmentation. ArduinoJson is also faster, smaller, and uses less RAM than other JSON parsers for Arduino, while offering an expressive API. ArduinoJson supports .

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is a perceptual hashing .

Blockhash is a collection of libraries that implement a blockwise perceptual hash algorithm. Blockhash calculates a unique number for an image that is comparable to numbers of similar looking images. Blockhash can be used to very quickly find similar images in a large gallery by appearance, with little indexing space. Blockhash has experimental video support.

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@alexbuzzbee People always say "could care less" is incorrect, but there's always another level of pedantry.

is a collection of syntax files.

nano-highlight is a convenient collection of several repositories that has syntax specification files for many languages, including common languages like , , , , as well as configuration formats, markup languages, etc. nano-highlight provides highlighting for common markers like FIXME, TODO, etc.

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is a parser for world files.

anvil-parser parses the Anvil file format, which is used by Minecraft to encode world data for saves. anvil-parser allows for loading files, querying blocks/changing, and writing the changes. anvil-parser supports interacting with the extended properties of blocks.

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Done a lot of sync jobs with my own . Errrr...housekeeping

Found there is a script on : sqg which is doing work on generating all dependencies of a package. Should have such a tool at the first place. :slackware:

is a version requirement checker.

Vermin scans through a project's source code to find features that are limited to certain Python versions. Vermin contains thousands of checks, covering nearly any version specific feature that could be used. Vermin uses the builtin Python parser that the environment provides, ensuring correctness.

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Funny quote:

Is It Really the Smallest?

Some argue that a program that produces "resign" as its output and terminates is the worldโ€™s smallest chess program.

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So I've been on a bit of a note-taking binge lately and I just discovered Dendron.

It's kinda like Zettlr/a Zettelkasten, kinda like Trilium (esp the tree/node web relation view), and kinda like a wiki.

is a abstraction layer.

SIMDe (SIMD everywhere) translates SIMD intrinsics from a given ISA to another native ISA. SIMDe allows SSE code to run on NEON, for instance. SIMDe is very fast, with thin translations that are optimized away if the abstraction and native platforms are the same. SIMDe supports many extensions from a variety of processors.

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is a rendering engine.

litehtml renders HTML and into a list of objects to draw with styles, position, z-index, etc. which is used to call user defined drawing functions. litehtml's structure allows it to be used in many scenarios, including embedded browsers, application frameworks, or advanced text rendering. litehtml supports and .

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is a engine.

Lร–VE is a framework for developing games using Lua. Lร–VE provides scripts with many functions for interacting with the screen, audio devices, controllers, the general system, etc. Lร–VE also simplifies physics and decoding media like images and video. Lร–VE has countless examples and is used in a number of complete games.

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is a image viewer.

viu displays images in the terminal using full color and high resolution where possible, falling back to block characters and low color mode when needed. viu uses the viuer for image conversion. viu can display animated images, transparency, images piped through stdin, and can resize images for display.

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: This game is super fun (fun as for a real terminal nerd) ๐Ÿ˜‚ Found on .

Implemented by ESR.

is a implementation.

termtris is an implementation of the popular game in . termtris is a literate Lua file, explaining the rationale and process in verbose, plain English (with Markdown styling). termtris is implemented in a simple and sensible way, showing how a Lua program can be composed.

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๐Ÿง Minor update: 3.5.5
๐Ÿ•น๏ธ Title: VASSAL Engine
๐Ÿ“Œ๏ธ Changes:
๐ŸฆŠ๏ธ What's: A libre, multi-platform, virtual table and game engine, for strategy games


๐Ÿ˜ From:
๐Ÿ“– Our entry:
๐Ÿ”– #linux #freetool #opensource #strategy

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