is a -based system.

Paperback-cli is a tool which encodes any file into a very large 2D which can be decoded back into the original file. The encoded barcode is resilient to error and can be printed onto a piece of paper to later be scanned and decoded. Paperback-cli can encode upwards of 500 kB of raw data per laser printed page.

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@fink Here's a file which is a very well known one. The DPI is 200, redundancy 1:5, and default for everything else.

@skunksarebetter @fink this appears to be scaled down, or is this version actually recoverable?

@lastfuture @fink The image I provided is the output of the software. Recovering the image without printing works perfectly. I have not tested this image but other images I have tested work well and have a similar appearance.

@skunksarebetter is this better than magnetic tape in any sense but accessibility of the media??

Everything has magnets in now, so tape is easily damaged. You could, I guess, print on archive paper and seal in an airless vault and you'd have data that lasts 500 years! Use vellum and it'll last double!

@dheadshot @skunksarebetter that's a weak argument, storage and sealing are necessary for both, and magnets are not a factor in that case
the problems are storage volume and media durability, as well as price and carbon footprint of the materials

@efi Paper based backup like this is intended for very small backups which need to have maximal compatibility and durability. The use cases for paper based backups are cryptographic keys for very low density (QR codes), up to password databases or books for high density (Twibright Optar, Paperbak/Paperback-cli).

Magnetic tape is great for large quantities of data, but the equipment needed is out of reach of most people, whereas most people can use a printer and scanner for cheap at a library.

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