There are some serious concerns with Firefox's plans to turn in DoH. I, for one, am not happy with all Firefox DNS traffic being sent to a US companies servers. See this article for more info:


> Another way one could do is switching the browser from Firefox, but honestly, we don't know to which. In terms of privacy we haven't found something we can recommend to you out there. In fact that's why this step of Mozilla concerns us so much - they have been the last resort for many of us.

We need to make another browser. I like Mozilla and all, but they aren't infallible, and we're completely reliant on them for web access.

@wizzwizz4 @JayT Waterfox is a Firefox fork which foregoes a lot of the quite hated features of Firefox (notably Pocket and telemetry, and likely DNS over HTTPS as well). More support for the project could see more developments toward it being its own true project.

If can be found here:

@skunksarebetter @JayT No apt? Your fossmendations always have APT, but I can't find a Debian repo.

Will this Ubuntu one work?


@wizzwizz4 My fossmendations do not always have an APT package listed, since not all software has (official) APT repositories, including Waterfox.

I have tested the repository you linked (from and it's at the most recent build, and overall matches well with the precompiled version from the Waterfox website. So yes, it will work quite well.

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