-dl is a public domain video and audio downloader for a wide range of sites.

youtube-dl can download from YouTube, PeerTube, and pretty much anything with a video or audio stream embedded somewhere in the page.

youtube-dl can also recurse into other video links present on the page, allowing for a full account/channel if so desired.

It can also download comments and other metadata.

Website 🔗:

apt 📦: youtube-dl

@funkwhale support is also planned, and has support from Funkwhale maintainer Eliot Berriot.

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Is it just me or it doesn't work these days?
Did Google/youtube break the compatibility with youtube-dl or is it just my computer that does weird things?

@LienRag It must be you, as the contributors are in lockstep with any changes to how YouTube presents its videos.


Well, I guess I have a bug report to file then.

@LienRag @skunksarebetter I actually run it via cron nightly to pull new videos from a list of channels I care about and add them to my Plex server. I found that it would break often when there were changes to Youtube. To resolve, I have my script fist update youtube-dl before running it each night. Since that change, I have had no issues.

@LienRag Did you update? It broke for me about a week ago but updating to the latest version (which was very new then) fixed it. They're obviously on the ball tracking Youtube's changes. @skunksarebetter

@LienRag @skunksarebetter I've given up on the apt version, web sites just change too fast for distributions to keep up with ytdl updates. Instead, I install it via "pip3 install --user youtube-dl", so I can update it myself from upstream if anything breaks. (You have to add ~/.local/bin to your $PATH. And for updates, just do the same pip command again)

@skunksarebetter a word of warning though: due to abundant support for ALL KINDS of video sites, the source code is somewhat NSFW

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