(Pipe Viewer) is an essential utility for the terminal.

pv tracks how much data goes through it, and can estimate the time until completion.

This is a great help when performing tasks like tarring a directory. tar -xzf out.tgz dir/ will tar and compress dir but it doesn't give a progress meter. tar -xzf - dir/ | pv > out.tgz does the same and shows a detailed progress meter with pv.

Website πŸ”—:

apt πŸ“¦: pv

@skunksarebetter @grufwub I love pv!

The one complaint I often hear about it is "oh no, I started a process that turns out to be a slow one, I wish I had started it through pv" - but pv can attach to an already-running process with -d / --watchfd PID[:FD] ! (At least under Linux)

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