is a simple clone for X.

In Minesweeper you must clear the board of all safe tiles as fast as possible, flagging all of the mines in the process. Each safe cell has a number (implied 0) which notes how many mines are in the surrounding tiles.

xbomb features 3 levels of difficulty, as well as triangular and hexagonal game types in addition to the familiar squares.

Website πŸ”—οΈ:

apt πŸ“¦οΈ: xbomb

is a graphical for X.

The abacus is an ancient tool used to represent numbers and easily perform calculations by hand. xabacus can simulate many types of abacus, with added sign, fractional, and time notations. xabacus includes a built in help manual which includes instructions for many operations which can be performed on an abacus.

Website πŸ”—οΈ:

apt πŸ“¦οΈ: xabacus

is a simple klondike for the X windowing system.

xsol is very lightweight and to the point, implementing only the necessary features of a solitaire game.

apt πŸ“¦οΈ: xsol

is a for ext 3 and 4 filesystems.

extundelete scans through the journal, looking for deleted inodes which it can then recover from the rest of the disk. extundelete recovers files into a local directory, rather than in place on the partition being recovered.

extundelete can recover all files, sets of files, or just a single file.

Website πŸ”—οΈ:

apt πŸ“¦οΈ: extundelete

is a fun .

In Klickety you must clear the board by removing groups of colored tiles. A group with more tiles awards more points when cleared than a smaller group. Be careful, though, as only groups of two or more can be cleared, meaning a poor strategy can result in a board with several unclearable tiles.

Website πŸ”—οΈ:

apt πŸ“¦οΈ: klickety

is an open source .

lldb provides a familiar interface which allows you to debug several C family languages. Many of the common functions are included, like breakpoints and step by step execution, as well as additional features like a Python API and JIT debugging.

lldb is very modular and can be well integrated into other programs, like IDEs.

Website πŸ”—οΈ:

apt πŸ“¦οΈ: lldb

(3) is a free X11 .

Mahjong solitaire is a matching game where many Mahjong tiles are stacked into a structured pile. Each tile has an identical (or compatible) counterpart which it can match with. When matched both tiles are removed. Once all tiles are removed, the player wins.

xmahjongg is a simple, lightweight implementation of this fun gameplay for X11.

Website πŸ”—οΈ:

apt πŸ“¦οΈ: xmahjongg

is an ncurses based for the .

Nudoku is a simple implementation of sudoku. In sudoku you must ensure all 9 sub squares have all numbers from 1 to 9, but only if each number is not in the same line as itself on other squares.

Nudoku has three difficulty options, as well as an on demand checker to show if you messed something up or not.

Website πŸ”—οΈ:

apt πŸ“¦οΈ: nudoku

is a simple sidescrolling .

In Moon Buggy you are on the surface of the Moon, driving some sort of amazing jumping rover. Craters plague the barren landscape, and you must jump over them in order to keep going. There are also boulders which may block your way, but can be pulverized with the mining laser equipped on the rover.

Website πŸ”—οΈ:

apt πŸ“¦οΈ: moon-buggy

(Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead) is a text based post apocalyptic .

CDDA features massive, open worlds with randomly generated buildings, monsters, and inhabitants. Dotting this world are weapons, vehicles, towns, and more.

CDDA includes crafting, building, farming, hundreds of items, an extensive modding API, and fun game play.

CDDA can also use SDL, replacing the text with graphical tiles.

Website πŸ”—οΈ:

is an open source desktop program.

Scribus includes many easy to use layout, shape, and coloring functions, greatly simplifying many tasks which are done when creating documents.

Scribus allows you to create high quality, beautiful pages for any and all applications. Business cards, flyers, bruchures, and more are all mere clicks away with Scribus' simple interface.

Website πŸ”—οΈ:

apt πŸ“¦οΈ: scribus

is a file .

nnn is fast and the interface is simple, with links traversable with hjkl and the arrow keys. Up and down scrolls through the listing, right enters a directory or opens a file, and left goes up a directory.

nnn supports batch renaming with an editor, quick pager/edit launching, archive listing, filtering, link creation, and several other useful features.

Website πŸ”—οΈ:

apt πŸ“¦οΈ: nnn

is a minimal and and PDF processor.

Using MuPDF is as simple as running mupdf file. From there you're presented with the file, which you can scroll with the mouse, or the arrow/Vi keys.

MuPDF's true purpose is to render/edit PDFs. These functions can be accessed via the mutool utility. This tool can render, create, tile, etc. PDFs in various ways.

Website πŸ”—οΈ:

apt πŸ“¦οΈ: mupdf mupdf-tools

is an open source clone of .

Xwelltris and its source inspiration puts a twist on the original concept. There are four drop walls, and a center pit. Pieces are positioned in the walls and must clear in the pit, if they don't and instead stop on the wall, it freezes. Freeze all walls and it's game over.

Xwelltris puts a literal twist on it too, increasing the challenge.

Website πŸ”—:

apt πŸ“¦: xwelltris

is a lightweight with a classic look and feel.

Otter Browser aims to be an open source clone of the 12.x interface and experience using open source tools.

It includes a built in content blocker (supporting many popular block lists), feed reader, and password manager, with some extras like a note keeper.

Website πŸ”—:

Ubuntu PPA: ppa:otter-browser/release

is an open source, very manager.

KeePassXC provides verifiable security using top-secret-grade tools like Argon, Twofish, etc. These tools allow for you to store everything from your Prismo password, banking details, or even sensitive files.

There's also an official browser extension providing easy password insertion.

It also supports TOTP and has a plugin API.

Website πŸ”—:

apt πŸ“¦: keepassxc

is a simple clone for the .

In Pacman you must guide Pacman through a maze full of pellets, while also avoiding deadly ghosts. Each pellet eaten increases your score by a small amount, but if you eat a power pellet ghosts become edible for a large amount of points.

Website πŸ”—:

apt πŸ“¦: pacman4console

is an offline based .

To use JOSM you must first download data for an area, which is as simple as selecting a region from a map and clicking download.

Once downloaded, any point can be changed or added locally and offline. These can be saved to a local file before you finally upload it to OSM.

JOSM is very powerful and extensible, with many presets and tools.

Website πŸ”—:

apt πŸ“¦: josm

#Mapeo is an #offline-first map editing application for territory mapping in remote environments. It uses osm-p2p for offline peer-to-peer synchronization of an #OpenStreetMap database, without any server.

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