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All of my are public domain (CC0). Screenshots included with the recommendations are licensed under the same terms of the software(s) depicted.

I've finished writing part 1 of "OcapPub: Towards networks of consent", which is to say the "Conceptual Overview" section

There's a lot there already, and we haven't even gotten to Part 2, the "How to Build It" section yet. I'll begin work on that tomorrow.

What's here already is more or less an explanation of *why* OcapPub is taking the particular direction it is taking, and why other approaches run into serious problems.

Open question. 

is an indepth process monitor.

health-check can report all sorts of details regarding a process, from CPU usage, to system calls, memory usage, network activity, context switches, and more. health-check is great for finding poorly performing programs but can also be used for profiling and virus analysis.

Website 馃敆锔:

apt 馃摝锔: health-check

Earlier this month, 6 major Minetest community members travelled to CERN, Switzerland, to create Craft the Web - an educational game about the invention of the World Wide Web.

is a libre version of .

In SimCity you are the mayor and planner of a city. You can zone, remove, and route your city as you wish. Plan carefully, as a few wrong steps can lead to a quick bankruptcy. Micropolis is a 2008 rerelease of the original SimCity source code with some edits, all under the GPL, meaning it is completely libre.

Website 馃敆锔:

apt 馃摝锔: micropolis

is a player.

Gnash allows you to play flash media in an open and secure way. Gnash supports mainly v7, but includes some v8 and v9 features. Gnash also supports and provides a plugin for several browsers, enabling the viewing of flash video if such a need arises.

Website 馃敆锔:

apt 馃摝锔: gnash

Bit of a rambling. 

is a model .

CRRCsim allows you to pilot a model airplane as if you were on the ground controlling it. CRRCsim supports a range of control methods from the mouse to RC controllers over line in. Custom models and scenery are supported, allowing for you to create and test designs in a fun and interactive way.

apt 馃摝锔: crrcsim

is a mouse based keyboard.

Dasher allows you to type using mouse movements. Letters are presented as boxes, with probable letters given larger boxes. Dasher can learn as you type, making letter predictions more effective, improving typing speed. Dasher is great for use with joysticks, head mice, or eye mice.

Website 馃敆锔:

apt 馃摝锔: dasher

is a program to reduce blue light.

When run, Redshift will slowly redden your screen according to your location and time of day. This can positively affect melatonin production, improving sleep. It can also decrease during nighttime usage.

Website 馃敆锔:

apt 馃摝锔: redshift (CLI) redshift-gtk (GUI, includes a panel applet)

an alternative to NextCloud 

Wow its amazing all the apps/services @nextcloud can replace:

Calendar, contacts, todo list, Google Drive/Dropbox, bookmark sync, Google Keep/notes, Evernote, Pocket/ReaditLater, RSS reader, password manager, Google Photos, internet radio, Google Hangouts/chat, project management, eBook reader/manager, even documents and spreadsheets with OpenOffice or Collabora.

Can't wait till I get everything switched over!

Currently the eviacam apt package isn't compiled with consistent GTK versions and thus errors out when started. CAT5TV has an installation script which automatically downloads and installs eviacam and dependencies, and can be found here:

The installation script requires the apt command.

The script also may not put the executable in the PATH, in which case add /usr/local/bin to your PATH or just run /usr/local/bin/eviacam

(enable ) is a webcam based mouse.

eviacam utilizes your webcam and head to position the mouse on the screen, with staying still performing a click action. eviacam is quite configurable and can call an on screen keyboard quickly. eviacam is great for people with repetitive strain injury or poor motor control in their arms.

Website 馃敆锔:

apt 馃摝锔: eviacam

is a libre version of .

In Gish you control Gish, a blob of tar with the ability to stick, slip, and make itself heavy. Using these abilities Gish must maneuver through a range of settings littered with all sorts of perilous positions. Gish was originally proprietary, but was made open source in 2010. Since then FreeGish has replaced the original art with libre clones.

Website 馃敆锔:

apt 馃摝锔: freegish

All of my are public domain (CC0). Screenshots included with the recommendations are licensed under the same terms of the software(s) depicted.

is an easy to use program.

Recipes supports a wide range of units and ingredients, simplifying spelling and ensuring recipes are accurate. When cooking you can either print out the recipe, or use an interactive step by step slideshow which features a built in timer. Recipes can also automatically build you a shopping list for ingredients you don't have.

Website 馃敆锔:

apt 馃摝锔: gnome-recipes

() is a .

Peces supports a wide range of piece types, from the classic quadrilateral to circular and oval pieces. Peces includes a massive amount of puzzles for all of the piece types and counts with difficulties ranging from easy to quite hard.

Website 馃敆锔:

apt 馃摝锔: glpeces

is a 3D air fighting .

In GL-117 you pilot a fast fighter jet armed with various weaponry. Throughout the game you will be instructed to destroy a range of targets from enemy convoys to agile fighter jets. Bullets, missiles, chaff, and more are at your disposal to accomplish your task.

apt 馃摝锔: gl-117

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