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All of my are public domain (CC0). Screenshots included with the recommendations are licensed under the same terms of the software(s) depicted.

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To whom it may concern:

Boosting any of my posts is always welcome, no matter what the post is about.

@chris Note that some of the projects listed aren't FOSS, although most seem to be.

Hello @fosstodon, This is Nirmal and I've been working on this project for the last 2 months.

It's a minimalist Git hosting service for now! You could check the website for more info.

I'm still adding new features into it and planning to open the registration for FLOSS developers once I'm done.

Feeling bad, that I gotta rely on Google Groups for now. So, I'm implementing a mailing lists feature into Sorcia at the moment.

I'm going to post updates here.

cc @kev @mike

This GitHub contributions chart is one of the things I mostly hate out of all the other social features.

It's really not productive. And few other social features which are not necessary but implemented which leads to the bloated or noisy interface was the reason I started building

Now, I know there is this problem with User Experience on GitHub or GitLab which I could try to solve. Apart from this, I need to think clearly on what features should I need to add further.

Para quienes usen Bisq.
If you have any active trades right now, please do not send ANY funds.

玩了一个通宵的 #CODEC2 ,一部 11 个半小时的有声读物在 2.4k 的配置下出来的数据量只有不到 12MiB !就是没想好怎么分享出来,作为文件还是大了点……😂

What space saving keyboard layout do you prefer? Reply for other.

Tenkeyless: no number pad

Navless: no navigation cluster, i.e. no arrow keys, home/end, page up/page down, etc.

Merged numpad and nav: numpad that can switch between full nav cluster and number pad using numlock

70% or smaller: no numpad or nav

is a keyboard based mouse.

keynav is a program that overlays a grid over the screen once a key combination is pressed. The grid can be shrunk using the hjkl keys and once the spacebar is pressed the mouse is clicked in the center of the selection. All keybindings can be configured, and special actions like shrinking the selection to the current window's size or playing back macros are supported.

Website 🔗️:

apt 📦️: keynav

Things that are interesting but I will not cover:

Veracrypt: encryption using file or disk containers, a mix of source available (not FOSS) and Apache v2 (FOSS)

gnucalc: plotting, graphing, etc. (source available, patches allowed, not FOSS, pronounced new calc)

If Veracrypt advances to the point of fully replacing its code with the Apache licensed rewrites I will cover it, but not yet.

(rg) is a high speed program.

ripgrep is a very fast recursive search program that finds matching patterns in files. ripgrep supports Unicode searching by default, and can exclude files based on a .gitignore or ex/inclusion command line arguments. ripgrep features a preprocessing system which can be used for searching archives, PDFs, etc.

Website 🔗️:

All I can do is kindly ask that if you are inviting people to Mastodon on other social media, Telegram groups or whatever else, please please use the page instead of linking to specifically. Thank you

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5.2.0 has been released!

Includes improvements to GUI (a HTML-like rich text element, more styling), graphics (sky rendering API, object shading), tool wear, and more



is a utility that finds wasted disk space.

agedu creates indexes for the size (disk usage) of various directories alongside the average access time (atime) for the files in each directory. agedu makes large directories with old, forgotten files apparent for further disk cleanup. agedu can show the data in either a textual or graphical (via HTML) format.

Website 🔗️:

apt 📦️: agedu

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