is a .

Pioneer features a large catalog of hand made star systems, and billions more procedurally generated systems.

Many ships are available for purchase, including small and quick couriers, massive trading freighters, and formidable interstellar warships.

Quests may be accepted through the bulletin boards of stations, if trading and economics isn't your thing.

Website πŸ”—:

is a 4X strategy set in space.

FreeOrion features a rich tech tree which unlocks technologies that can create and destroy even stars.

Technologies can be applied to create ships, weapons and buildings capable of sterilizing planets, enhancing your species' hardiness, or creating planets.

A game of FreeOrion may be played alone with the computer, or with friends across the world.

Website πŸ”—:

apt πŸ“¦: freeorion

is a robust .

Lzip uses LZMA like 7z and XZ. Unlike 7z and XZ is that an Lzip file has fewer headers.

Less headers means a .lz is smaller than a .xz and less exists to be corrupted. Lzip can also correct a bit flip in any part of a member, unlike XZ.

If more than a bit flips can stitch several corrupt Lzip files into a single intact archive.

Lzip πŸ”—:

Lziprecover πŸ”—:

is a powder based physics sandbox game.

The Powder toy has a multitude of interesting elements with fanciful and strange interactions. Stable solids to construct buildings, powders to create fragile pyramids, liquids for lakes, explosives for fiery fun, radioactive elements, and more are all available.

The Powder Toy also simulates air pressure, wind, and gravity.

Website πŸ”—:

is a game engine for isometric role playing games.

The FLARE team's official game, the Empyrean Campaign, is a fun adventure where the protagonist is exiled from their home and must regain entry. During this journey they will encounter monsters, dungeons, and friends.

Most games don't care what tileset is used, meaning you can easily add or remove anything you want/dislike (blood).

Website πŸ”—:

apt πŸ“¦: flare

(atanks) is a fun turn based tank firing game.

In Atomic Tanks there are a series of rounds in which each player attempts to kill as many of the other tanks as possible.

To accomplish this more effectively each player can buy items and weapons before each round with the money awarded to them in the previous round.

Atomic Tanks supports computer players.

Website πŸ”—:

apt πŸ“¦: atanks

is a tiny (and ) program.

Dropbear takes up less than 1 MB on a normal install, and only about 350 kB when compiling it as a single executable (a la BusyBox).

Dropbear includes an SSH client, server, and key generator. It also includes an SSH key converter and SCP client/server.

Website πŸ”—:

apt πŸ“¦: dropbear-bin

The internet becomes much more interesting once you realize there's more than FaceBook, Twitter, Google, and YouTube.

is a for C.

LibTomCrypt features 20 block ciphers, 7 stream ciphers, 32 hash algorithms, 2 checksums, 8 message authentication codes, 6 pseudo random number generators, RSA, Diffie-Hellman key exchanges, elliptic curve cryptography, DSA, and more.

LibTomCrypt also offers a great public domain manual, detailing the usage of the library.

Website πŸ”—:

Note: Neverputt isn't bundled with the apt package, it must be installed separately as neverputt.

Also no screenshot today as my GLX is having errors and I don't have another computer handy. Sorry.

is a fun 3d floor tilting game.

In Neverball you must collect enough coins scattered across the level in order to win each level.

This task is made challenging by the momentum-based floor tilting control scheme, coupled with the timer.

Neverball is also bundled with , a golf game.

The two games each have a massive amount of levels, ranging from easy to evil.

Website πŸ”—:

apt πŸ“¦: neverball

is a simple command line unit tool.

Units prompts for the starting units, (say, 10 GiB) then prompts for the desired units (GB). Once entered units will display the result (10.74 GB).

Units can also compute units without using the prompt. Just call:

units "from unit" "to unit"

In our example:

units "10 GiB" "GB"

And units will output the result.

Website πŸ”—:

apt πŸ“¦: units

@skunksarebetter There is also sftp which is a secure FTP method and also ships with SSH.

is a secure way of remotely transferring files.

SCP (or Secure CoPy) utilizes to create an encrypted channel between two computers, which allows for them to transfer files.

This encrypted channel is unreadable to anyone outside of the two computers, allowing for the secure transmission of files.

SCP is included with OpenSSH.

Website πŸ”—:

apt πŸ“¦: ssh

is a builder.

Lincity is similar to in graphics and feel.

Different from Micropolis is the tech line. The tech line allows for buildings to be unlocked in exchange for tech points.

In Lincity you start with small houses and markets, using farms to provide workers to monuments. Eventually you build yourself up to rocket launchpads, sending people into space.

Website πŸ”—:

apt πŸ“¦: lincity

is a collection of 39 challenging .

Sudoku, cube, samegame, mines, and more, SGT Puzzles contains many puzzles from around the world.

SGT Puzzles is specially made to be as portable as possible, with GTK being the only real dependency.

Website πŸ”—:

SGT Launcher πŸ”— (apt package):

apt πŸ“¦: sgt-launcher

If the objection is rather GNU projects are used to create Linux then Git, Xfce, KDE, Tor, MUSL, FreeBSD, and so much more should be added onto the name as all of said projects have been used in the creation or testing of Linux.

So; to those who are adamant about Linux being GNU+Linux, or your favorite distro being GNU+Linux, remember that both definitions aren't complete, and the GNU can be inferred easily.

A common objection to using simply Linux to refer to operating systems built with the kernel is that the name is incomplete, with GNU+Linux being more so. But this doesn't suffice for many recent Linux distros as they have other core projects, like Xfce or Tor.

Thus Tails isn't really GNU+Linux, but rather GNU+Linux+GNOME+Tor as those projects are at its core.

An objection may be that Linux doesn't refer to just libre distros, but GNU+Linux doesn't either, it just excludes non-GNU distros.

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