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Pretty funny for being within two miles of a Level3, MCI, etc interconnection point, how few options I have for alternative internet service providers

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Elementary OS 6 is now out!


I’ve been running version 5 for the past year on the precursor to the StarBook (starlabs.systems/) as my daily driver and I love it.

Congrats to @cassidyjames and @danrabbit and everyone else who worked so hard for so long to make this happen.

Note: if you buy the new StarBook, not only will I be jealous but the elementary folks will get a cut. You can also sponsor them on GitHub: github.com/sponsors/elementary

#elementaryOS #foss

@pm @fosstodon Lollypop is an excellent GTK music player with a focus on albums. Use it for my FLAC collection and love it.

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It is truly amazing how much I have learned since I joined Fosstodon.

I went from vaguely being able to write Python scripts to publishing my own apps in just a few months and after years of stagnation.

The atmosphere and community here is just so motivating to learn new stuff and try new things.

I am really looking forward to the next cool FOSS app I discover or the next interesting and nice Person I will meet in the Fediverse

@pyre35 that's how git was for me too! I was always going back to the same tutorial link every time I updated my blog 🙃. It took using it daily for things to really stick.
@kev your tutorial is awesome and would have been immensely useful to me last year!

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March Blog Update!

- Manufacturing status report

- & available for devs in April

- e-ink works with Q64

- pre-orders this month for $220

- Beta Edition preorders soon & keyboard update

- software progress and more!


@ndanes you demonstrated the beauty of static sites. Moving to/from providers is so easy!

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Thinking about moving back to after months of

I enjoy the idea of plaintext files and pure pgp, but
- the hassle of setting up a new computer
- the hit-miss integration with Firefox on linux
- the impossible integration with Firefox on windows
- the leaking of metadata through the directory structure

I am just not sure it's worth it anymore. Security is not simply about cryptography. It's also about ease of use. If too complicated, you'll just start working around the system.

@yarmo keepass2android was a game changer for me especially after Android added native autofill. Using it with Nextcloud and Yubikey challenge-response and haven't had a sync issue in years.

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Just pushed a refresh of my personal site and the first Dev Diary for Koto, an in-development audio manager, to my site 🥳 If you are a Patron, you already read this content piece exclusively last week. More coming for Patrons hopefully this week 😉


@kelbot How do you like your OGA? I've been eyeballing them myself. Did you upgrade the buttons or joystick at all?

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Also discovered that Github mirror of Userstyles.org today. If you haven't used the site, it's beyond slow and times out constantly. This has kept some hair on my head.

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Like many of you I'm trying to post more to my blog this year, so here's my first post of 2021 and it's all about backups!


This place is filled with people smarter than me so I'd love to hear your feedback. Thanks for inspiring me to keep writing.

@cirno the usage became really apparent to me after I shifted to work from home. The only time I'm using my device off wifi is during my commute, and even on wifi I'm using a laptop for most things. Would love to get rid of my sim card, something to aspire to I guess 🙄

@tjb you write it once and run it everywhere! What's not to like?

@cirno you just have to trust your vps/hosting provider. If you want to be truly paranoid, find one that let's you pre-pay anonymously 😎

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