I'm here because I removed myself from almost all social media over the last few years and the pandemic made me miss having a community. As a lover of Linux and FOSS this seemed like a great fit.

@skoobasteeve Welcome! I joined recently for the same reasons. This seems like a nice little community - especially if you like FOSS stuff.

@skoobasteeve welcome! Yep, just us nerds here. The worst thing that happens on this timeline is the occasional (mostly friendly) Vim/Emacs flame war.

@logrus1 Unfortunately no. It's been my gamertag/username as long as I can remember though.

@skoobasteeve welcome "back" to the somewhat social life. I hope you're enjoying yourself and find what you seek

@skoobasteeve Welcome Ray! I've found the community here to be really fantastic in my few days here so far.

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