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20210407 1912

Never under-estimate the power of the humble notebook.

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20210407 1911

💚 reuse-repair-repurpose-recycle

20210410 2329

Had a fun day with Retropie and a bunch of SNES ROMs today. Jnr and I had a Street Fighter II turbo fest.

20210410 1237

Oo the HDMI to VGA adaptor has arrived.
I suspect there will be a RPI test drive later today.

20210410 1232

Jnr (9) was talking about an idea he had with test subjects and nanotech cyborgs.
Which segwayed nicely into a viewing of ST:TNG 'The Best of Both Worlds'. I think we'll be racking up 'First Contact' next.

20210410 0906

Jnr is enthralled by 'The World According to Jeff Goldblum'.

It is a great series.

20210410 0017

Just need the HDMI to VGA adaptor to arrive and we are good to go.

20210410 0011

Very much enjoying 'Good Girls' on Netflix. Not quite sure how I missed it until now.

20210409 1309

I know I have only been at work since 08:00.
I know that I had lunch around an hour ago.

But it distinctly feels like jam-on-toast-o'clock to me.

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#SVG #Pattern
OOOOhhh, this Neon Hexagons Pattern is awesome (by
More on SVG patterns here
Via's awesome newsletter on SVG

20210408 2328

I didn't wait for the poll to end.

Installed Manjaro XFCE on the Thinkpad, and the RPI4 version on to a microSD, ready for when the HDMI to VGA adapter turns up.

I do like the look of Manjaro. It feels polished. Mmm new distro smell.

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The difference between padding and margin is a bit of a quandary for CSS newcomers. This post explains the difference between them.

20210408 1503

I'm not angry with Signal.

Just very disappointed.

20210408 1342

The first day back after a non-working day, is always a write-off.

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Both systems will be mostly used as desktop workstations.

Running probably nothing more demanding than GnuIMP.

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20210708 1122

I am looking at potential distros that I can install on both my Thinkpad T430 and a RPI4B (8GB).

I want something lightweight, and fairly light from an included apps perspective.

I have previously used Manjaro, but have mostly used Debian based distros historically.

I know it is subjective, but what are peoples thoughts on:

2020408 0729

There's a 21" flat screen at work, that has been sat in the back of our filing room for at least 6 months.
This plays on my mind as I look at the 13" monitor I have put a side for the RPI4...

Really thought there would have been more love for MATE...

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20210407 2347

First day on this instance and I have to say it has been the most friendly and welcoming.

Thank you all.


XFCE races out of the blocks and takes an early lead!

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20210407 2019

Which desktop environment should I install?

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