@skirnir Nicely done.
I blogged about the same topic recently. Just went down the easy way and just used Hugo to get from Markdown to HTML.

@ghost_letters Thanks. I just read your blog. Having to learn the way a blog engine works was what drove me away from them. OTOH, I don't want to blog ASAP. The purpose of my site is to grow a workflow and develop the required tools as I go. Maybe the result will be yet another blog engine, maybe not.

@skirnir Love the look of the site. The markdown formatting makes it super simple to read.

@skirnir I wish I had known about pandoc before I manually converted old html -> md.

Planning to start a project with md -> gopher to build out my gopherhole and hoping pandoc helps out there.

@ecliptik Yes, pandoc is great. I use it on a daily basis. Alas, I don't think it can handle the gopher format. I'd love to read about your efforts, because I plan to support gemini and gopher formats down the line.

@skirnir I wrote a few basic tools using Pandoc to convert my Jekyll markdown pages to gopher.

You can see them here: github.com/ecliptik/ecliptik.g

Their results are also live on my phlog.

@skirnir for me the design makes it a little bit difficult to read. Have you considered less aggressive colors? For example, some kind of white grey for the text color

@aelnor I was going for the look of the old terminals I used when I first encountered a unix system, which admittedly weren't exactly easy on the eyes. Thanks for the feedback, I'll look into how I can provide alternatives.

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