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new post!

anyone else have oddly specific memories of certain programming books?


My "new" old thinkpad justs arrived! Can't wait to finish work so I can play around with it.
OTOH, it's cold outside, so letting it rest for a few hours seems like a good idea.

Yesterday I finally purchased a Thinkpad X220. Shouldn't have done it on a friday. Anticipation is killing me already and they haven't even mailed it to me yet.

about usage: When I see someone answering to a toot in the local timeline, I usually can't see the toot they're replying to. If I click on the OP's name I can scroll their timeline and guess. But then, the toots aren't clickable so I can't see the whole conversation. Am I missing something here or is it supposed to work that way?

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I finally did it. I left Discord.
It took one month to take most people I was talking to, to other ways of communication (mostly XMPP) and I even mirrored an entire discord channel I was part of to matrix. This is by far the best thing I have done since a long time. It feels incredibly liberating and I can't recommend it enough.

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SimplyNews is online.
Supported sites at the time of writing this:
- The Guardian
- New York Post
- ItsFoss
- TheVerge
- DecentralizeToday
Read articles without javascript or any distractions, text-browser compatible.

Instance: simplynews.metalune.xyz
Source Code: codeberg.org/simple-web/Simply
Part of

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When the kids were little, my wife shwed them how to keep their rooms in order by cleaning up during commercial breaks when watching TV.
If nothing else, it taught them to watch youtube with an ad blocker.

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This is how I spent my sunday morning (Actually I was avoiding paperwork). Take a look if you want:


Im thinking about playing with a *BSD flavour on my old Samsung N10 netbook. I can't find anything about it right now, but I remember reading that setting up Wifi on BSDs wasn't trivial. Is that still a thing?

So one of my monitors doesn't want to play today.
xrandr just gives me:
'xrandr: output HDMI1 cannot use rotation "normal" reflection "none"'
DDG doesn't seem to know about that.

How's your day so far?

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challenge is a major driver of creativity, i'd say. you're looking for something you don't have a clear-cut solution to, and your job is to figure it out, whether this is to piece together some physical object or paint a scene on a canvas. you need something that puts up a bit of resistance.
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Now that I have set up a fosstodon and a tilde account I don't know what to do with it.

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1990s: "To stay safe, don't use your real name online."

2010s/2020s: "For your safety, you MUST use your real name online."

Fuck that. Let's go back to the 90s.

#anonymity #internet #socialnetworking

After 35+ years of dealing with computers, today I needed my wife to help me permanently turn off the alarm on my digital watch.🤐

Hi there!

I'm a full-time nerd and stumbled upon , and the recently.

Interests include , , and , mostly the variant.


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