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Darkest dungeon honestly has the best voicelinesvand/or quotes of any game I've ever played.

Tough time never last
Only tough people last

~ Demi Demi

I am both glad, and worried that I'm addicted to world of warcraft again, effectively I am in a super position

What if we switched to gentoo, haha kidding

Unless... 🥺👉🏻👈🏻

RT @innuendofunctor
@x86instructions Which bit in EFLAGS is VC (Vibe Check)?

So far one my dwm journey, I've started adding useful info to my bar, including battery status, wifi status and date
So far I'm loving dwm and the simplicity of it

It's y'all, time to launch a new side project!

You will all be the judge of how useful this is gonna be. And if it will survive 😅

It's called "Social Media Disclaimer Links". When in an increasingly-heated online discussion (that never happens…), just link to a disclaimer instead of wasting characters to explain it's just your opinion, you respect the other's view, that sort of stuff… repo on @codeberg

Switching from i3 to dwm, as per tradition, made using it slightly easier

Got my new pc!! Fedora installed, and i3wm done and dusted :fedora:

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