@jbauer @Talloran I agree with Jake, the first step is just to start somewhere!

Migrating over to @x

Will defs keep this account around though!

Twitter: Giga toxic and rampant censorship.

Mastadon: Civil discussions and no censorship.

Why do people still use twitter lol

I want to host a website for my blog but I have no idea what to name it. It will be about the Pinephone and probably some other Linux and Privacy related stuff from time to time. So anyone got any suggestions for a domain or tips on how to find a nice one?

Hey friends... who knows of a good/secure/foss way to connect a linux machine/server to OneDrive? I hate using their web GUI... hoping to just cli some stuff, or maybe just mount the damned thing right in nautilus

Can't wait until I finish my exams, I have so many side projects to work on!

Greetings ! CygnusX11 here looking for an alternative to Facebook. I was tired of the tracking, bullying and downright selfishness of Facebook. It was turning me into an angry person generally. All I want is to enjoy free thinking and my Linux, gaming, music, running and traveling hobbies without all the baggage from the power hungry corporate social networks. I chose this instance because it seems like a good fit for me. I'm looking forward to some fun discussions, 😀.

@robby soz for the late response, today was crazy. I agree with you that it is good to challenge your own views and it helps you grow as a person, and allows you to expose any flaws in your reasoning. What I am referring to in the post above if someone makes a statement, and people feel the need to contradict it for no apparent reason other than they just don't want to hold the same view, that is frustrating and pointless imo. Note I am not referring to playing "devils advocate".

>literally any concept
>Compelled to hold an opposite opinion

Why are some people like this lmao

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